Inquiry Towards the Practice of Secular Magic

produced by the Disembodied Theater Corporation. 2006, 2010, 2011, 2017.
NY production 2017: Union Docs, with Veggie Cloud.
LA production 2011: piXel (+) freQuency; with Los Angeles Filmforum.
SF production 2010: Other Cinema. with Billboard Liberation Front.
NY production 2006 Pioneer Theater, Public Opinion Laboratory; with Agit-Pop.

political and poetic invasions of public space.

An evening of secular magic; the alchemical act of transmuting everyday life into fiction, and vice versa. The Inquiry examines actions both State-sanctioned and autonomous, including films, performance essays, and rare archival documents turning reality inside out in transformative acts both heinous and joyous. EXPERIENCE: pranks, hoaxes, forgeries, and guerilla theater in a bewildering tapestry of transfigured reality.


Report from the Ghost City

produced by The Disembodied Theater Corporation. 2006, 2007, 2008.
LA production: Velaslavasay Panorama; with various artists.
SF production: Artist's Television Access; with various artists.
NY production: Anthology Film Archives; with Julia Solis/Ars Subterranea.
Boston production: Massart Film Society, with Bryan Papciak, Jeff Sias, and Liz Coffey.

An evening of dispatches, news, songs, and fragments from the Ghost City: the skeletal remains of abandoned towns, railways, and graveyards that stand as remnants of a lost society. A haunting assemblage of ruins, rants, and shards of memory that paint a collective portrait of dystopia.