No Way Out But Onward

live cinema performance. 45 minutes. Premiered 2006.

Velaslavasay Panorama (LA), Sixpackfilm (Vienna), ATA (SF), Anthology Film Archives (NY), MassArt Film Society (Boston).
Written and narrated by Ross Lipman
Suite for Bass, Viola, and Trombone by Laura Steenberge
Photos by Leigh Evans, Ross Lipman, Nina Mankin

An adventure in psychogeography through New York's High Line
On June 8th, 2009, the High Line, an abandoned elevated freight rail that runs through the west side of Manhattan’s old meat-packing district, was re-opened as an aerial park. Between its days as an industrial railway and public leisure space, it was a haunted paradise above the city--a verdant wasteland inhabited only by occasional taggers, wanderers, and police. Sneaking onto it became known among renegade urban adventurers as “Walking the High Line.” In October 2004 a ragtag group of us ventured up to explore. Some experienced trespassers, others neophytes, the group discovered that the High Line was a space with its own internal logic, interacting with its visitors in a way unique to each.

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